Rebel Pavilion Scholarship Awards

The Rebel Pavilion would like to announce that we will be awarding two LaPorte County Equestrians $500.00 scholarships. If you are graduating this year and plan to take the next step in your education, please answer the following questions and email to the Rebel Pavilion Committee at before August 1st.

The scholarship winners will be decided by September 1st and contacted via email. The announcement will be posted on The Rebel Pavilion Facebook page.

Please respond in paragraph format to the questions below. Feel free to share any specific examples or stories. 


Email Address:

1. What have your experiences as an equestrian meant to you?

2. What have you accomplished in your equestrian career? Any leadership roles?

3.  What have you learned being a rider? 

4. What are your future plans and goals?  

5. Do you plan on continuing your equestrian career, if so, how?

6. In addition to your letter, please have someone who is well acquainted with your equestrian skills, work ethic, and character email a letter of recommendation to

We are proud of how far you’ve all come, what you’ve accomplished and are looking forward to seeing how far you will go!